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Tuesday Night Stories Podcast

Tuesday Night Stories was a weekly podcast of stories I wrote. Another programmer on DraknorMUD, David Carroll, did all the narration for the stories. We hosted it ourselves, and added it to numerous podcast sites such as ITunes. We had to end the run after two seasons due to time constraints, but we hope to bring it back for season three some time in 2014. In all, TNS consisted of nine short stories, spread out over fifty four episodes.

Lands of Draknor: A Blade Passed

The Draknor Kingdom has been betrayed, and the high king slain in his sleep. Now young Kaiyren Narrium must step into her role as High Queen of all Draknor. To make matters worse the kingdom must now prepare for war against the barbarian tribes of the south, something so rare the new queen has never seen it in her lifetime. It is time for the Draknor Society to step up once again to their roles as guardians.

The Forest Awakens

The Forest Awakens is the tale of young Colby Chemil, a kid used to being different. When the headmaster of his school disappears without warning, a new headmaster steps in. One with brutal new tactics that force Colby to flee for his life. On his travels, the forest itself seems to guide him to answers about his past. In his absence, his two best friends take it upon themselves to find their old headmaster and discover how he was so quietly deposed.

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