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After finding my first MUD in 1994, I was enthralled

It wasn't long before Abysmal Realms made me a builder

And not much longer before I was head implementor

The next logical step was to make my own

Powerful Immortal Stat System

The Problem

When I was a builder, it was too complicated to study other areas using OLC commands. With DraknorMUD, I wanted it to be easy to look up just about everything in the game. This was our first major focus for the codebase.

The Solution

A massive overhaul of the built-in stat command. We added the ability to stat almost everything a builder could need. Everything from rooms, to mobprogs, to races, to liquids, to mob and object room resets. With these tools, all new builders could quickly and easily study their favorite areas (or areas designed with a similar purpose to their assignment) in the game to see how they were constructed. This provided a great boost to training and efficiency.

MUD stat command screenshot
MUD immortal commands screenshot

Immortal Commands

Similar to the stat updates, we made numerous other updates to the commands available to Immortals to monitor the game. We always believed that the more options available in the game, as opposed to relying on the need for code updates, the better. Because giving more powers to people can lead to undesired behaviors, we also added a detailed wiznet channel to display logs of the command usages. The level of trust given to the Immortal determined which of these logs could be seen, with some only available to the game's three Implementors.

Custom Clan System

The Problem

The codebase we started with had guilds hard-coded. Because players often wanted to create their own guilds with friends, we decided it was not the best way to manage them.

The Solution

Instead, we built clans into our OLC system via the CEDIT command, making clan creation a much easier process. Immortals could set the type of gem donation, where players donate objects, the numbers of ranks they want, and even set ranks specific to certain classes. This was definitely the most interesting custom code I wrote for the game. Players loved being able to create a custom "roster prompt" for their clan that was unique to their needs. All clans are saved and read from files.

Custom guild system screenshot
Automation features screenshot

Autolist and Nospam

The Problem

Everyone's biggest problem with old-school text-based games... screen spam.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem was a NOSPAM command that works with the game's text outputs. We used flags for different types of events, which lets players turn off messages that are not particularly useful. This was able to significantly reduce screen output to players. In addition, we made other modifications to our AUTOLIST command, letting players have a good customization of how outputs are presented.