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Modern Game Development

I love making games

I made my first one in 2000

And destroyed a couple MUD codebases in the process

Over time, I became more and more interested in graphical games

Meteor Power

Unity - 2D

I have always wanted to make an old-school 2D ARPG. Being a big fan of games like Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, they have always had a special place in my heart. So far there are simple room transitions similar to early Zelda games, basic combat, signs and messages, and dialogue.

In a world where magic literally falls from the sky, there is a risk of war growing between the Order of Aratis, who say the power of the meteors belongs to them, and the tribes of the east, who believe the gods choose the wielder of the meteor for reasons of their own. In the midst of it all, a small farming family will push society to its limits.

Zelda Like Unity game screenshot
GameMaker RPG screenshot

Forest Defender

GameMaker 2 - 2D

Built this from a Udemy course to create a 2D Action-RPG. It went through a number of lessons in ranged combat, game states, pausing, a simple inventory system. In the end, I didn't like writing code in GameMaker and decided to work with Unity instead.

When Trouble Follows Home

Unity - 3D

This game features location discovery, an inventory of notes and journals, and audio trigger events all over the map. In all, we made two small villages and nine farms to discover and explore. The main character, who was voiced by my wife, comes home to find her district empty. She finds journals left by her son, voiced by my nephew now living in New York pursuing a musical theater career, which reveal the story. This project was a lot of fun to work on.

Lady Irin Allay, recently retired captain of the queen's guard, looks to return home to live out her life peacefully with her family. Someone has other plans. Irin finds her old village empty, and if she is to find out what happened to her family, she must find clues as to where they have gone.

When Trouble Follows Home screenshot
Squarely in the Middle screenshot

Squarely in the Middle

Unity - 3D

Started prototyping this game as a modern take on one of my old favorite's, Marble Madness. I got a good bit of the game working and would love to pursue this one more later.

A young marble ends up trapped in a world of squares. By decree of the resident wizard, the courageous marble must undergo a series of challenges before having the chance to return home.

Coin Collector

Unity - 3D

Built this as a demo for my programming club students at Alvarado High School, who then took the ideas to create their own side-scroller games. It demonstrated everything from level loading, to audio effects, to the final win sequence.

Coin Collector screenshot
Survival game screenshot

Island Surivival

Unity - 3D

My first modern game. Built this from a book, Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials. You find power cells, which will power up the door blocking you from the tools you need to build a signal fire for rescue.