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Writer Roll Call

Writer Roll Call

Writer Roll Call is a side project of mine to keep track of daily writing wordcounts. While it's still under construction, the user system, the wordcount system and more have already been added in. Planned additions include: contests, discussion boards, and much more. Writer Roll Call is slated to release in full in early 2015. The hope is that interest in the site will drive interest to the novel I hope to publish later that year.


Draknor MUD

The Draknor website has changed many times over the years. In the current version, we connected accounts on the site with accounts in the game itself. This way, only people with characters on Draknor can finish the account creation process. In addition, we've made the website pull information, including in-game colors, directly from the files as well. Whenever a new change is posted to the game, the website takes that information and automatically adds it as a database entry.

Amanda Leonard Chambers

Art by Amanda Leonard Chambers

A site set up as a gallery to showcase artist, Amanda Chambers. She wanted a modern look that was very simple in execution. The main concept for her was to showcase her art as it might be in a museum. In this case, the walls go up and down so we decided to show her pieces in that way. I love working with artists because they always have an idea in their mind about what they want.

Closed Sites

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