When Trouble Follows Home (2017)

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Draw Journal Code OnGUI GUI Keypress

Visiting Farms and Villages

Finding all the different areas is one of the key aspects of this game. Not every place is specifically required to win the game, but they all unlock more of the story. WTFH is built as the kind of game that rewards the players who take the time to do everything they can.


In my experience setting individual variables all around the code quickly becomes a pain whenever things need to be altered. I set up a GameSettings file to make sure everything was easy to change.

Completion Percent

Makes sure players can earn 100% when they find everything hidden in the game. Everything is based on a specific number also made into constants. If I ever need to add anything, everything is right there to be updated as well.

GUI State

Keeps track of which menu should be shown. GUICurrent changes to fill the role of which menu is being used.

Latest Updates

  • 2017-03-8

    • Entire lower Tereton Valley filled in and decorated!

  • 2014-06-24

    • Character recordings for Brayden Allay completed!

  • 2014-06-22

    • Alpha menu design up and running.

  • 2014-06-18

    • First four journals and memory sequences finished in rough draft.

    • First Journal/Memory objects added to scene.

  • 2014-06-18

    • First memory sequence recordings began. Five sound tests, all positive!

  • 2014-06-17

    • GUI Updated with added buttons in addition to the keys.

    • GUI fitted to the current screen size

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