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When Trouble Follows Home - Unity 5.5

2017 - Adventure Game

Irin Allay has been granted the title of Lady, and her reward is the whole of Tereton Valley as her estates. But already there is rumor of trouble in her old homeland. Whispers of rebellion against the Draknor kingdom. Before Lady Irin may enjoy the fruits of her retirement, this threat must be confronted and stopped.

WTFH uses a more complex GUI menu system to keep track of the journals, memories, and items that unfold the story. An achievement system has been added to help the player realize what's been missed.

Survival Island

2015 - Adventure Game

You awake stranded on a tropical island. It's not long before you notice buildings A locked outpost might just be the key to your very survival.

My first full game in Unity. I built this using Unity 3. X Game Development Essentials by Will Goldstone. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into video game design and C#. Survival Island is a short collection-based game. This game utilizes both on-screen and menu-based GUI, object collection and destruction, projectiles, particles, and a basic win sequence. Because it's outdated, there are more efficient ways of doing things now, but it is still very much worth the time.

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