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OLC Clan System

When I designed our clan system, the most important aspect to me was that it be an extension of our OLC. We wanted a high level of customization for players. So it was important that little changes did not fall to the programmers every time.

The system supports customizable roster layouts, class-specific ranks, and clan halls on multiple continents. We also designed it so that clans only load when active, so it is up to the players themselves to keep their guilds in the public eye.

Autolist Features

This is as close as I could get to a settings menu system in a text-based game. The Nospam features in particular were a big hit among players. Maybe of the privacy settings were introduced over time for those who chose not be part of the social aspects of the game. Many of these changes were added specifically at the request of our players.

Numerous Features for Immortals

After the goal of creating a fun and engaging game for players, the most important thing to us was making life as easy as possible for the rest of our staff. Draknor has an Immortal command list that shows what lengths we've gone to in making sure our builders and enforcers had all the tools necessary for the job.

Listings for everything from rooms to exits to resets are just a command away. And our extensive searching abilities help find anything from room names to player details. In addition, we've added some enhanced security features and a few fun games as well.

Powerful Stat System

From the very first MUD I was a builder for, I saw that the stat command had major chances for improvement. When adding builders to the game, there is just so much for them to pick up on while they learn. It was important to me when creating DraknorMUD that all new Imms had the opportunity to learn by example. So we expanded on STAT in particular to let them study just about anything that had come before them. Our syntax is as follows.

Fragment System

We wanted to give players something more than just experience to gain in the world. So we added a second continent just for our more experienced players. Creatures on Calipsu'Tai are much stronger and often take groups to tackle. The crystal fragments earned in these fights allow players to purchase stats above the normal ROM limitations for added boosts to mana, hp, hitroll, and more.

Fragment collection gave us a chance to promote grouping on Draknor in a new way. Most MUDs are built on the concept that you can either go in groups, or by yourself if you prefer. We wanted fragments to be a harder experience that made players want to form groups to tackle. Still, the rewards are much higher for those who can solo the areas. We added all new high-level skills specifically designed to make each class a bit more useful in grouping scenarios.

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